The Importance Of Furnace Safety Checks

All HVAC appliances have fixed safety levels at which they should operate. You can use them without worrying about risks when they work at high safety levels. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, you should contact our technician for Furnace services in Summerville for professional assistance, without delay. Due to a lack of regular maintenance services, your furnace can show signs of dangers that should be detected and addressed quickly. This guide will help you understand a furnace’s risks and signs.

Common Furnace Problems and How to Prevent Them

If you own an old furnace, it can create several serious problems for you. You can avoid them by contacting our technician regularly for heating repair services in Summerville. Here are some common issues associated with an old furnace:

  • Carbon Monoxide Leakages:- Carbon monoxide is a by-product when your furnace generates heat for your home. This carbon monoxide stays in a separate chamber, but with time, it gets old and can generate cracks. These cracks can lead to carbon monoxide leakages if you do not call our technician for regular maintenance services.

  • Fire Hazards:- A furnace has hundreds of live wires that can create fire hazards if they begin fraying. In such cases, a technician is your best option to inspect all the wires and other components that can create fire problems.

  • Leakages In The Gas Pipeline:- If you own a gas furnace, it has a separate gas pipeline network that supplies gas from the main supply to your appliance. If the pipeline does not receive proper professional attention, it can develop cracks and weak connections that leak this gas.

Signs Of These Problems

Now that you know the common problems of an old furnace, you should know the signs that indicate that these problems are in their initial phases. Once you detect these signs, you should contact our technician for furnace repair services in Summerville:

  • Different Flame Colour:- A furnace should have a blue flame colour when it burns the gas in your furnace. However, the flame colour will change from blue to yellow if there is a gas leakage or excessive carbon monoxide in your heating appliance. If you notice a sudden change in the flame colour, shut your furnace off and contact your technician.

  • Nausea and Breathing Problems:- Seasonal allergies can be a common problem during winter, but if your family notices a sudden increase in these problems, you should contact our technician before going to a doctor. Symptoms like breathing problems, skin rashes, and eye irritation can indicate a carbon monoxide leakage.

  • High Energy Bills:- Your monthly energy bills are the best way to understand whether your heating appliance has a problem. If your energy bills have a sudden hike, it means there is an inefficient part in your appliance that is consuming more energy than it should warm your home.


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