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Ductwork Service in Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, SC, and Surrounding Areas

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Ducts are passages that allow hot or cold air to flow into every room in the house. Duct systems are important for HVAC systems in industrial and residential buildings. As an important component of the heating and cooling system, duct maintenance is required to ensure that the HVAC unit operates efficiently and at its full capacity.

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What Essential Services Does An HVAC Company Provide For The Duct System?

Here are some services that an HVAC company provides regarding the duct system:

  • Ductwork installation:
    Maintaining and installing ducts to enhance comfort by keeping the room temperature constant is essential before installing the duct system; a professional measures the field and develops sketching for the ductwork installation.
    If your duct design isn’t according to your home layout, it can cost you both money and comfort. First, the size of the duct system must match the size of the heating and air conditioning system. Next, it needs to be adequately secured to prevent air leaks. A ductwork installation requires the latest, high-tech tools for appropriate installation, leaving less error margin.
  • Ductwork Repair:
    Leakage in the duct system can cause inefficiency and hot or cold spot issues, increasing discomfort in your home. Moreover, you might get an increased electricity bill at the end of the month due to leakage.
    When you call the AC maintenance technician for the annual maintenance service of the AC system, ask him to perform a visual inspection of the duct system. The AC technician will quickly find if there is any ductwork service required that needs to be done immediately.
  • Air Ductwork cleaning & maintenance:
    This service includes a state-of-the-art industrial powerful vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris buildup and contaminants and debris from the room’s HVAC system. It is recommended to clean the air ducts every two years for residential and annually for commercial buildings.
    Maintaining air ducts can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. It can also improve the air quality of your home and help people with asthma and other allergies to breathe more easily.
  • Duct insulation:
    Attic spaces are exposed to extreme temperatures. Without proper insulation, the duct will be at the same temperature as the attic. This is problematic because it takes time for the air to heat or cool to the desired temperature.
    This causes the HVAC system to use more energy, increasing the cost of energy charges. Duct insulation ensures that the temperature around the duct is kept constant. This makes the air heat or cool faster, making the HVAC system more efficient.

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