Emergency Commercial AC Repair In Summerville, SC

Emergency Commercial AC Repair in Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, SC, and Surrounding Areas

All Star Heating & Air Emergency Commercial AC Repair Service

These days, air conditioning systems are necessary for every commercial and residential building. When you invest a massive amount in AC systems, it becomes essential to maintain them appropriately.

Repairs become expensive as the size and complexity of the machine design increase. So, if you are a commercial property owner, we recommend taking extra care of the system to avoid unnecessary emergency commercial AC repair issues. Contact us today for emergency commercial AC repair in Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, SC, and surrounding areas.

AC Maintenance in Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, SC, and Surrounding Areas

Why Are AC Commercial Repairs More Expensive Than Residential Units Repairs?

AC commercial units are more expensive to repair than the residence AC system because AC commercial units are more massive in size than the residential system. Commercial units are built to provide cooling services to construction like school buildings, offices, warehouses, and storage spaces.

Almost all the commercial units are placed on the building’s roof to conserve space and keep the noise pollution from the workplace. A commercial AC system requires more space for the drainage system because the accumulation of moisture is more in a massive area.

Also, the repair expenses increase because the commercial AC system components are complex, and the mechanism is different from residential ones.

Some Commercial AC Repairs Issues That Need Immediate Attention

Here are some repairs that your commercial AC unit might need:

  1. Airflow Issues
    Airflow issues lead to problems where one commercial building zone gets fully conditioned air while the rest of the zones are waiting for the chill breeze to calm down the environment. The fault lies in the duct and ventilation system where the ventilation ducts have leaks or cracks from where the air finds a perfect way to escape.
  2. Loud and Strange Noises
    Loud and strange noises from the AC system can create disturbance in a working environment affecting your image in front of the clients and the customers. Sometimes a mechanical bolt falls from its place, and the components make noise, or a tiny fan blade piece is moving in the air ducts causing loud noises. The technician will explain the situation when you call the emergency commercial AC repair technician for inspection.
  3. Short Cycling Issue
    Short cycling issues mean the AC system begins the refrigeration cycle again after a few seconds. A perfectly working AC system runs the cooling process for 10-15 minutes, but if you notice the duration is less than the previous, then call the AC repair technician. Here are the reasons why AC system short cycling issue begins:
    • Clogged AC Filters
    • Frozen Coils
    • Massive AC system for the commercial building
    • Refrigerant Leakage
    • Electrical Wiring Issue
  4. Drainage Issue
    You would not want to have water puddles on the floor in your building. A drain line gets clogged and blocked due to debris accumulation, algae, or mildew growth. When the lines get blocked, it increases the problem of damaging the condensate drain pan.

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Comfort and convenience are essential in any commercial building to provide customers and employees with a calm environment that increases the employee’s productivity.

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