Walk-In Cooler Replacement In Summerville, SC

Walk-in Cooler Replacement in Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, SC, and Surrounding Areas

Walk-In Cooler Replacement Service By All Star Heating & Air

Walk-in coolers are the heart of all restaurants, supermarkets, and hotels because they help store and preserve pre-cooked, frozen, and fresh food items. But it can bring high costs to your business if it is not replaced correctly. Contact us for walk-in cooler replacement in Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, SC, and surrounding areas.

How Long Can The Walk-In Cooler Provide Its Services Efficiently?

According to our walk-in cooler replacement experts, the manufacturers design the walk-in cooler to work perfectly for around 13-15 years. However, the deteriorating signs are visible after ten years of purchase.

However, this does not mean you should think about getting a new one as soon as it crosses the threshold of its life. The walk-in cooler can work for more than 17 years if it is appropriately handled and well-maintained from the beginning.

Signs That Indicate You Need A Quick Replacement Service

Here are some signs that you should look for before the walk-in cooler starts depleting the profits:

  • Food spoiling regularly:
    It is not a good sign when you dispose of food before its expiration date every day. The problem is the inconsistent temperature of the walk-in cooler.
  • Increased electricity bills:
    The electricity bills rise when the refrigeration system consumes more energy to provide a minimum or desired services. If a component needs replacement or repair, it is better to call the walk-in cooler replacement technician for a quick check before jumping to the worst conclusion.
  • Puddles of water or excessive freezing:
    Water puddles or frosting on the corners signify thermostat issues, defective insulation, damaged seals, and air leakage issues. Getting a technician to check the system before the problem worsens is better.

Some Tips To Look In Your Walk-In Cooler To Save You From Early Replacement

Here are some tips or factors from our walk-in cooler replacement experts that every restaurant owner should glance at once before purchasing:

  • Storage type:
    The restaurant owner should consider what kind of food will be stored in the system. The food’s temperature and density will help maintain its freshness and taste. So, you need a massive refrigeration system to store the meat products than you need to store green vegetables and salads.
  • Walk-in cooler door:
    Most damages happen to the door because it gets slammed numerous times daily. If you have a lot of traffic in the walk-in coolers, you need to consider a heavy-duty door capable of resisting wear and tear. Self-closing hinges, curtains, and automatic doors are advantages to stop the temperature from decreasing and keep the food from spoiling.
  • Walk-in cooler floor:
    The floor survives a lot of traffic from humans and machines every day. So, it would help if you considered getting a reinforced or structural floor capable of handling daily loads of carts filled with food items.
  • Extendable walk-in cooler:
    Walk-in cooler refrigeration systems with cam-locking panels help dismantle, move, or expand the refrigeration system. If you are considering expanding the menu or business, an adjustable walk-in cooler is perfect for sufficing your present and future needs.

Call All Star Heating & Air To Fix The Commercial Refrigeration System!

You need to spend a lump sum on walk-in cooler replacement service when a refurbishing option is available. Refurbishing services require changing or replacing some essential components to bring quality service to the system.

Call the All Star Heating & Air technicians at (834) 824-0000 to check whether you need a replacement or refurbishing service!

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