Emergency AC Repair In Summerville, SC

Emergency AC Repair in Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, SC, and Surrounding Areas

Emergency AC Repair Services from All Star Heating & Air

It is challenging to save money by reducing the use of AC during summer. Due to environmental problems on the rise, like global warming and pollution, the overall temperature is rising, and the climatic patterns are changing worldwide. Contact us today for emergency AC repair in Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, SC, and surrounding areas.

Moreover, you might need an emergency AC repair service if you have not scheduled the maintenance service for your household AC system.

AC Maintenance in Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, SC, and Surrounding Areas

Different Types Of AC Problems That Need Emergency AC Repair

Emergency AC problems are not always hazardous; they need immediate attention. You can pass some time before calling the AC technician about problems, but some problems cannot wait for the time to pass; you need to call the technician to check immediately.

Here are some problems that need immediate AC technician attention:

  • When the AC system shuts down suddenly, it is not restarting.
  • The AC system blows warm air instead of a cool and chilling breeze.
  • Your carbon monoxide detector went off, or you can sense a rotten egg smell from around the AC unit.
  • Strange and loud noises like rattling, squealing, and buzzing are scaring you and your family.
  • Water from the AC unit is leaking at a continuous and fast pace.

Reasons Why Your AC Needs An Emergency AC Repair Technician!

All of the consequences are the result of some action we did in the past, so there is a reason behind everything that is happening today. Some common reasons why your AC system needs immediate assistance:

  • Low Refrigerant Levels
    Refrigerant is the important reason for creating chill and freezing air, and if the refrigerant levels decrease, the cool air supply halts for a while. Refrigerant levels can be low for two reasons:
    • There is a leakage in the coils for refrigeration tubes.
    • The refrigerant is exhausted due to excessive use.
      Emergency AC repair technicians will quickly refill the refrigerant gas and repair the leaks in the copper coils.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coils
    Heat transfer from the surrounding air and refrigerant occurs when the chilled refrigerant passes through the evaporator coils. But if the refrigerant temperature falls, it becomes solid and starts freezing the coils. It can stop the heat transfer process, and that is why you complain about how you are getting no air. After the inspection, only a technician can tell the reason because it can happen due to numerous reasons.
  • Dusty Condenser Coils
    Like evaporator coils, condenser coils facilitate heat transfer to lower the refrigerant temperature. It helps in removing heat from the fluid, so the fluid’s temperature automatically decreases. But if the condenser coils surface is covered with dirt and grimes, removing the heat from the fluid becomes difficult.
  • Fan Problems
    There is a fan in your AC system that helps in expelling the air to the surroundings. A fan is behind the evaporator coil that sends the chilled air to you, and another fan is situated behind the condenser coils to expel the warm air from the unit.

What Happens When The AC System Suddenly Shuts Down?

If the AC system suddenly shuts down, the emergency AC repair technician will conduct an AC tune-up service where the entire AC system is checked for problems.


It is better to call the technician and avoid the additional problems because lingering the repairs every next Sunday will worsen the issue’s state. Call All Star Heating & Air professional and expert AC technician for quick repair service at (834) 824-0000.

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