Why Does Your Furnace Keep Clicking?

The furnace system makes different kinds of noises while operating. However, if the noises are too loud, it is essential to investigate as this might worsen and cause more problems. In the worst case, the furnace system might shut down, and will require a furnace repair technician in Summerville to fix it. Adn odd noise that might concern you is a clicking noise. Let’s learn why your furnace makes this noise and how to fix it. 

Reasons Why your Furnace System Makes a Clicking Noise

  • Malfunctioning Gas Valve

The gas valve might have a problem if the clicking happens irregularly. A gas valve helps to reach the fuel to the burner in the combustion chamber. If the gas valve is functioning improperly, it will allow an unregulated amount of gas to flow into the combustion chamber.

When the furnace’s pilot light tries to ignite the gas, and you may hear clicking noises. This is an emergency because it can quickly escalate to gas leakage.

  • Faulty Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is one of the safety controls installed in the furnace system that shuts down the system if there is no flame burning. You can find it easily as it is near the rear of the furnace system.

A malfunctioning flame sensor may cause a clicking noise if it cannot do its task. Due to excessive dust collected on the sensor, it stops working.

  • Ignitor Issues

The ignitor is a small component that keeps the pilot light burning so the combustion process can receive the spark. However, if there are issues with the ignitor, the gas valve will not open and start the combustion process. And the furnace will try to start the ignitor causing the clicking sound.

  • Blower Fan Problems

One of the reasons why your furnace makes clicking noises is a broken blower fan. The blower fans blow the leftover gases and heat to the outer environment and provide a continuous supply of oxygen to the burner to keep functioning.

However, with time the blades and the fan wear down, and you may hear the sound at the beginning of the heating cycle. This may require repairs or furnace replacement in the Summerville, SC area.

  • Blower Bearing Issues

Bearings ensure the heating system works smoothly, but they wear down as well with time. It is essential to check the system for loosened bearings and tighten them up if you find any. Moreover, try to put oil in the bearings to lubricate them.

  • Ductwork Issues

According to our experts for furnace replacement in the Summerville, SC area, it is essential to check the ductwork every week to ensure everything is fine. You may hear clicking noises from the ductwork if there are loose or cracked ducts.


One of the best things you can do to maintain the furnace system is to call the furnace repair in Summerville, SC, whenever you detect something is wrong. The technician will resolve the issue before its severity intensifies and starts to affect other components. Call All Star Heating and Air repair experts today to fix any of your HVAC problems.