Ways To Reset Your Heat Pump

The heat pump system works throughout the year to keep the home environment comfortable in freezing winters and summers. The best way to restore an HVAC system and bring it to its normal functioning is to reset it. Due to excessive work, the HVAC system may work improperly by producing strange sounds.

Heat pump service technicians in Summerville, SC advise that if you are a heat pump owner, you should know how to reset the heat pump. 

Situations When you Have to Reset the Heating System

A heat pump system will refuse to start working some days due to excessive working and improper maintenance. That’s why you may have to reset the system if the following problems have occurred in the system:

  • A tripped-down circuit breaker fuse
  • A tripped-down outdoor reset toggle
  • A switched-down fuse in the electrical panel
  • The heat pump system shut down due to a limit switch

Steps to Reset the Heat Pump

As per the heat pump repair technician in Summerville, SC, here is a quick way to reset the heat pump:

  • Check the Thermostat

Looking at the thermostat settings before resetting the heat pump is essential. Ensure the thermostat is in auto mode and the temperature is slightly higher or lower than the room temperature. You can reset the thermostat if you do not wish to adjust the settings.

It is easy to reset a smart thermostat since all you need to do is pull the thermostat from its place and put it back again. You can refer to the manual to see how to reset the thermostat. After resetting it, turn the thermostat off.

  • Turn Off the Two Electrical Breakers

After turning off the thermostat, it is time to switch down all the power switches, and circuits break to turn down the heat pump system. Ensure to switch down all the two circuit breakers associated with the indoor air handler and outdoor unit.

  • Wait for a Few Minutes and Restart

Now, wait 5-10 minutes until you have switched the electrical breakers in the heat pump. It will give the heat pump to reset all its functioning. Switch the electrical breakers and then the thermostat. Some heat pumps might have a power switch that will help to reset. It is best to check the heat pump manual before resetting the HVAC system.

What to Do If the Heat Pump System Does not Work After the Reset?

If your heat pump system functions improperly after the reset, there may be a larger issue present. If the circuit breaker trips down after turning it on, a faulty component might need to be replaced. There might be a fault in the electrical wires or connection which needs to be repaired.

If your heat pump starts working but continues to deliver less-efficient air, you should call a heat pump service technician in Summerville, SC, for a maintenance service. 


Let an experienced heat pump technician handle your system. We recommend switching off the heat pump until the technician comes for an inspection. If you require an expert to fix the HVAC system, call All Star Heating and Air today for a quick heat pump repair service in Summerville, SC.