Is it a Problem if My Furnace Repeatedly Stops and Starts?

The primary function of a furnace is to warm your home efficiently throughout the winter season. If it does not perform its primary function effectively, you should contact our technician for furnace replacement services in Summerville, SC, to repair your furnace.

An efficient furnace is an HVAC appliance that does not create too many problems while working. A furnace may need a repair job once a month or two, but in some cases, the less serious problems do not require the assistance of a professional. Some of these issues can be remedied at home. 

Reasons For Short Cycling

Short cycling is a serious furnace problem that requires immediate professional care. The sensitive components of a furnace can face irreparable damage due to short cycles, and you should contact our skilled technician to repair them.

Here are some reasons that cause short cycles in a furnace, and knowing them can help:

  • Flame Sensor Malfunctioning

The flame sensor detects when gas enters your furnace and starts the combustion process. In such cases, your furnace will short cycle to begin combustion. If the flame sensor malfunctions, the gas will not burn, and there will be no heat. 

  • Overheating

When your heating appliance overheats, it cannot maintain its indoor temperature. To maintain the temperature, it will short cycle, and your furnace will not warm efficiently. You should contact our technician for furnace replacement services in Summerville, SC.

  • Dirty Air Filters

The furnace air filters remove dust from the components of your furnace. Dust settlement on the components can damage those parts, and the decline in their efficiency will lead to short cycling. In such cases, you should replace the air filters to avoid the problem.

  • Wrong Size

If you recently bought a new furnace for your home and it frequently has short cycles, it could be possible that the furnace is of the wrong size. You should contact our technician for heating installation services in Summerville to check the appliance size again.

  • Thermostat Malfunctioning

Your furnace and thermostat work together to create a comfortable environment in your home. If your furnace has short cycles, your thermostat could be behind it. Ensure your thermostat is at the right settings and has no wiring problems. You can install a smart thermostat to avoid problems due to a manual thermostat.

  • Internal Damage

If your furnace had a minor problem in the past that went away on its own, it could be possible that the problem has returned and is causing short cycles. In such cases, you should contact our technician for a thorough system inspection for the best results.

  • Poor Insulation

Leaks in your home can allow warm air to leave your home, leading to excessive work. This excessive working on the heating system can lead to short cycles and wear and tear damage. Ensure your home has the proper insulation to avoid this issue.


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